I want to read a Star Trek ‘09 AU inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, like…

Kirk - Dares to do better than his dad, but doing it on his own term’s, not Starfleet’s. (Not that they would take him with his rap sheet.) He picks up his own crew of renegade (mostly) good guys and spreads a little bit of his kind of peace.

Spock - After the death of his mother (and father?), he’s fully shunned by Vulcan society and Terrans aren’t too thrilled with him, either. His heart lies in the stars, but Starfleet’s not an option. And then he meets this infuriating, but charismatic genius of a captain…

Bones - Left adrift after his divorce, he’s eyeing enlisting in Starfleet as a way to send money to his little girl and get back on his own feet. A chance encounter with a young man who offers a hell of a lot more money to be his ship’s medic changes that.

Uhura - With a talent for languages, she could get a job anywhere, and Starfleet has been recruiting her. It makes sense. The haphazard ship and crew she meets does not, though she is intrigued at the opportunity to visit worlds beyond the Federation. Maybe, just maybe…

Scotty - Stuck in the back end of beyond, he helps out a small cargo ship when it has engine trouble. Offered a chance to join the crew with free reign over engineering, he resigns his Starfleet commission and hops aboard. (Keenser comes along, too, because what the hell.)

Chekhov - Can’t resist the urge to run away become space adventurer like in the stories he read a child. (I’m a little blanked on him. Maybe he’s an oprhan, and still young enough to run off to space without thinking of Starfleet being an option?)

Sulu - Comes aboard as a result of an incident involving Andorians, Romulan ale, three chickens, a feather boa, super glue, Spock’s chocolate stash, a cargo hold full of trash, sixteen hypos, and honest-to-God (Cardassian) partridge in an (Edosian) pear tree. They don’t talk about it, except to say it’s the reason why Kirk is never allowed to pilot again.

And so on and so forth.

Together, they take on the universe (and occasionally Starfleet, though really that’s just playful bickering) and kick ass.

I’d really love to read something like this, fanfic writers, so… pretty please?

Stiles, the Hale Family, and Elements

Stiles helped to dig Laura out of the earth.

Stiles helped to take Peter down with fire.

Stiles kept Derek alive in water.

Stiles kept Cora alive with air.

Anyone else notice this? Do you think it’s intentional, or just a coincidence?

Finally bothered to watch last week’s Teen Wolf episode. I didn’t have high expectations, but it turned out better than I thought.

Peter, you will always be my favorite chaotic neutral BAMF on this show. (Stiles is my favorite chaotic good BAMF.) I’m not exactly shedding a tear over the fact that he ripped that guy apart. Hell, I was cheering him on, tbh. I’m well aware Peter isn’t a good guy, but hey, I like bad guy characters, too. He’s interesting, snarky, intelligent, and probably one of the most dangerous characters on the show.

Liam is still unlikeable, but at least the rage issues are vaguely interesting, and are different from Jackson’s issues. A little. I’m surprised they had him go werewolf and were-what-the-hell-ever since they introduced the idea that bites don’t equal immediate werewolf.

(Question: Is there an alpha werejaguar or werecoyote? They’re not pack animals. Does that mean that Malia or Kate could turn someone?)

I liked the slight hesitance Stiles had when he said, “I’m… better.” It signals a bit of doubt, and I’m curious to see that explored.

I still don’t feel the Stiles and Malia ship, but I love their friendship. <3 Great scenes with them.

Scott, FFS, you’re the alpha, grow a damn pair and pull rank a bit. I know you don’t like it, but it might have kept Liam from breaking his chains in the first place.

Yay, Chris is back.

IDEK what’s up with the freshmen. Hunters, I guess?

Seeing Derek and the Sheriff work together makes me laugh a little because of all those Deputy Derek stories. I can see it, though maybe he’ll just be an outside consultant.

Much better episode. The sensory deprivation theme has interest.

A week or so ago, I discovered School of Dragons.

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME. I’ve already completed all of the current quests (boo), but the other games are fun and I’m still enjoying it. I might even splurge on a three month subscription to get a Night Fury egg and save up for a Whispering Death egg. I also really want a Skrill, but I don’t if I’ll be able to afford that. Bummer. =/

Anyone want to friend me on there? I can visit farms and sign the Treasure Trove box now. (For a while it crashed the game for me.) My friend code is: AXGHMN. Feel free to add me, I’m on at least once a day. I’m still new to the multiplayer aspect, but I’ll definitely visit farms and join races when I’m able.

I have two dragons, a Deadly Nadder named Thunder Sky (real original, I’m aware) and a Thunderdrum named Storm Scream. I love ‘em. <3 I really want a Hideous Zippleback as well, maybe a Monsterous Nightmare. What the hell, I want them all!

I’m continuously amazed at how well-dressed high school students are on TV and in movies.

At my high school almost everyone wore some variety of a jeans/shorts/sweatpants and t-shirt/tank/hoodie/sweater combo. Poor, rich, preppy, rebel, goth, jock, farm boy, tomboy, it didn’t matter. Oh, sure, some wore nicer clothers and others wore clothes that were falling apart, but they were still of the same combination.

Girls only wore dresses or skirts if they A) had a presentation of some kind to do, B) were at cheerleading practice, or C) did so for religious reasons. And in that last case it was long denim skirts.

High-heels? Forget it. Occasionally a slightly-heeled boot, but that was it.

Was it just my high school that was like this?

I first saw The Breakfast Club fifteen years or so ago. I loved it from the first time, and it’s still one of my favorite movies.

The past several years I’ve come to realize that it’s actually a pretty damn dark movie at times.

For example, why did Brian bring the flare gun to school? The plan he had for it, I mean. And then, I had a chilling thought— what if he set it off in the shop area, where he was so pissed off at failing? A flare could easily have ignited the no doubt dozens of chemicals that could be found in a shop classroom. He could have blown up part of the school.

Think about it. He’s fantastic at science, he’s familiar with Carl and probably knows where he stores his cleaners. Lots of chemicals that can go boom and the knowledge to do so with a flare gun.

Even if that wasn’t his plan, he’s still likely suicidal from other comments he’s made.

Then you have John, who’s been abused his whole life and is so angry and worn down that he’d probably been dead in ten years from alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose. Or maybe one day he’ll take a gun and leave a body count behind.

Andy’s fucked if his knee ever does give out, because it’s unlikely he’s ever had any kind of support for anything else. His dad will resent him, he’ll feel like a failure, and as he admits, he can’t think for himself. He could learn, sure, but it’s going to be hard, especially if he has no support. He’ll likely keep going, pushing himself, and that’ll wreck his body. And even if he doesn’t blow out his knee, the same thing results— pushing himself until he collapses.

Allison is going to have psychological issues for life, trouble connecting with people due to her parents’ neglect and cold relationship towards her. Mental health today isn’t a great system, let alone in the 1980s. She tells outrageous lies to get attention, and even if she’s aware of it, it’s still a habit that could easily spiral out of control.And Claire? She’ll learn that love and friendship doesn’t mean anything compared to money and status, that her worth is only as an object or a tool.

I’m not saying these are a given for the characters, but they are possibilities, and to watch this movie as an adult and see that… It’s terrifying. These are five kids that have been in abused in differing ways, and that will struggle with self-worth for the rest of their lives.

It’s funny that the episode was titled “Muted” because I actually had a good chunk of the episode on mute for being too damn boring and dull.

I also fast-forwarded parts of it for the same reason, tbh.

I’m trying figure out why I wasted time watching this episode.

Things Teen Wolf has Forgotten About


  • DANNY MAHEALANI (where is the smart handsome Hawaiian)
  • Stiles’s PTSD (bc you know he was possesed and killed ppl last season)
  • Derek’s Hale’s long list of ‘trusting’ female sexual relationships
  • Allison (where is the grief, everyone just seems to have moved on from her death in just 2 months)


You have Danny drop a bombshell last season, then just forget about it?

Stiles should have so many fucking issues it’s ridiculous, and I don’t care for the way he’s back to be written as a bit of a joke. Funny guy, sure, but the prat-falls are getting obnoxious.

Derek, you’re an idiot. An adorable idiot, but still a big idiot. KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS AROUND WOMEN WHO WOULD JUST AS LIKE MURDER YOU AS SLEEP WITH YOU. You just went through the Kate trauma again and you want to crawl in bed with Braeden? I just… what.

I admit, I was never a big Allison fan, but seriously? No one cares 2 months later? My best friend died twelve years ago and I still talk about her and think about her, and her death still hurts. You’re telling me that Scott and Lydia don’t? I can see Lydia hiding her emotions publically, but Scott?


I’m about to make a probably very unpopular comment but I don’t know why so many people are against Stalia. I understand that it is greatly infringing on the possibility of Stydia ever becoming cannon but as far as I’m concerned Stiles deserves to be happy and as much as I wish he would be happy with Lydia, she fucked up and ignored how he felt, even though it was obvious. So I don’t totally ship it but stop the hate unless you have a legit reason. Thank you 

I’m a Steter shipper, but I’m not against for that reason. Honestly I just don’t entirely buy it. Maybe it’s the actors, but their chemistry seem more like siblings or good friends to me than love interests. The same goes for Kira and Scott, really. Scott and Allison, while not a pairing I cared for, had good chemistry that way. So far Kira’s had more chemistry with Malia than anyone else, really.

I’m two-thirds of the way through the latest Teen Wolf episode and I’m bored.

Don’t give a shit about the new kid. Jackson was a dick, but he was fun to watch. This kid, not so much.

The whole lacrosse scene was boring as hell. And, ha ha, Stiles is an discombobulated and incompetent sports player, how hilarious. /sarcasm

(My headcanon is that after high school Stiles tells Beacon Hills to go fuck itself and goes off to become a badass John Constantine. Peter and Lydia both visit occasionally for snarkfests and intelligent conversation.)

The opener did feel like the opening of a Criminal Minds episode. Felt too long to me, though, get to the frickin’ point already.

Still not really buying the Stiles and Malia stuff. It’s getting better, but I still see them more like sibs or good friends, like he’s becoming with Lydia. I guess the actors just have that vibe?

Blah blah sob story from Liam, still don’t give a shit. Poor baby freshman, boo-fucking-hoo.

Wendigo is the most interesting thing that’s happened so far, which is faint praise.

Oh, joy, Liam’s a werewolf. FFS WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST BRING BACK JACKSON? Why did you cut him loose in the first place if you were just going to do Jackson 2.0? UGH.

I’m not feeling this season so far. Only third ep, but I find myself not caring about any part of it.